Our Thoughts and Attitudes About’Fortunately Actually After’

Our feelings and attitudes have a massive effect on our ability to reach’happily ever after.’ Are feelings and attitudes a similar thing or different? Does one cause one other to occur? What type has more power over how we respond? Does the individual experiencing them have any choice in the situation? What if they’re in conflict?

Feelings are what they are. We can’t force them. You fall madly head over heels in love with someone or you don’t.’You can lead a horse to water nevertheless, you can’t make him drink’comes in your thoughts as I try to spell out feelings. There is no magical way to change how we feel. Our feelings aren’t right or wrong, they only exist. Feelings are very powerful and definitely have a get a grip on over how we make choices and how we undertake life. Take into account the money, time Attitude Status In Hindi, and focus we placed into attempting to feel good and avoiding feeling bad. It goes against human nature to wish to feel bad.

Feelings are based in emotions. Emotions result from the heart. Therefore, I don’t think we could change them from in your logical minds. If your girlfriend leaves you, you then feel hurt. You can’t be anticipated to simply stop feeling hurt. You’ll feel some amount of sadness and soon you have finished feeling sad. It is possible to distract yourself for awhile, nevertheless the feelings will just lay dormant and soon you allow them time to completely run their course. There’s nothing wrong with attempting to distract yourself from the bad feelings of missing your girlfriend, but it’ll decelerate the process. You will find constructive things you are able to do to help the processing of your feelings. Regardless how you handle your feelings, you’re likely to feel everything you feel until it works it’s way through your heart. You may always miss her and feel a slight tug at your heart when you think back, nevertheless the overwhelming sadness will ultimately pass. It always does. This is exactly why they say’time heals all wounds.’ You can’t maintain any one feeling indefinitely. Emotions naturally are shifting and uncontrollable. They just are what they are.

How about our attitudes? An entire multi-million dollar industry has been built around the power of a positive attitude. A wouldn’t have survived and thrived as it has when it wasn’t a valid and real concept. Our attitudes are rooted in our belief systems. Our belief systems are chosen by our logical minds. Therefore, it is possible to produce a conscious decision to change it. Our minds have complete and total control over what we believe. I don’t think I have to bore you with another longwinded speech about the powers of a positive attitude. If you’ve ever tried it, you then have proven for yourself that it’s possible to produce an interior adjustment regarding your attitude.

So, that will be stronger? Which has more influence over our choices and behaviors? Does one overpower one other? Let’s say that you find yourself falling madly head over heals in love with someone. That is a feeling, an emotion. It comes from your heart. However, at the same time, you are entertaining a really pessimistic attitude towards love and relationships in general. The attitude comes from your mind. That’ll win out, the feelings of falling in love or the dark attitude? It’s hard to say. If you change your attitude, then the feelings to be in love can grow and perhaps become a wonderful source of joy for you. If you hold on tight tightly to your attitude, then eventually it’ll wear on the loving feelings and you will eventually stop loving that other person. What if the feelings of love were so amazingly powerful, that they caused the attitude to change and your core belief system about love and relationships changed too? Your feelings will surely have an effect on your own attitude, but more often than not, your attitude wins.

Your attitude is less powerful because it’s more important than your feelings. It’s better because it’s more stubborn than your feelings. Let’s look again at our example where in actuality the feelings are positive and the attitude is negative. We’ve seen people fall madly in love with someone who loved them in return. These same people had bad attitudes about love and relationships in general. Their feelings were incapable of overpower their attitude. They believe’it’s never going to work through anyway’and develop a self-fulfilling prophecy. By not believing in love, they destroy their good relationship and then feel hurt by the failed relationship. Their minds take that as evidence to help expand continue with the negative attitude regarding love. The reason why the attitude wins the battle more often then our feelings is because feelings are ever-changing and flexible while attitudes tend to be locked into place and become an unmovable force.

What if the feelings were bad and the attitude was good? If you felt afraid that you might be rejected by the alternative sex, but you had a positive attitude towards love generally speaking because you’d had’happily ever after’role modeled to you as a child, then you may choose to keep moving forward despite your feelings of fear. Your attitude would win out over your feelings once again.

If your feelings and attitudes match, you then have an internal balance and harmony within yourself. Isn’t this the age-old battle between heart and head? Attitude comes from your mind and feelings result from your heart. When the two agree you are able to focus and move ahead with confidence. When the two have reached war you have to decide that will be right… the heart’s feelings or the head’s attitude? Perhaps in sitting quietly and looking inward at our feelings and attitudes from a detached perspective, we could evaluate and chose for ourselves on a case-by-case basis which should lead us.